2013-01-19 11:49:54 by Otto

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2013-01-20 06:28:26

Thats not your opening.

Otto responds:

Every page is a new story


2013-01-20 07:51:30

I wanted to be first
also, theklown, grow up

Otto responds:

He's easily agitated. Can't we all just enjoy this fantastic song?


2013-01-20 16:59:30

Is this you? Really impressed with it! Great job, keep up the good work.

Otto responds:

Ahh no gosh I don't wanna give that impression! If I made a song this good I'd be much more vocal about it haha, thankyou anyway though~


2013-02-11 07:36:25

http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1332454#bb spost24488455_post_text

Otto responds:

Hah, watch the fuck out folks


2013-02-11 07:54:05

Can't wait to see you eat jjjkuk, you'll get indigestion tho, but it'll be worth it.

Otto responds:

I have eaten a LOT of pizza this week but I'll fit the feller in


2013-02-11 11:08:12

It's on now


2013-02-13 20:32:32

otto can you teach me your camwhoring ways

Otto responds:

boy you already got dem festival shoats, you're a smooth sailorr


2013-02-13 21:52:47

or can you at least teach me how to twerk it

Otto responds:

although twerk 101 is held in Batcombe so I'll see you there


2013-02-14 17:31:20

there's so many somethingcombes in the south west

Otto responds:

I know a camelcombe


2013-02-16 18:39:10

will definitely check grizzly bear out now

Otto responds:

You are very wise to

Veckatamist is their best album :)


2013-02-26 15:33:51

my mandy dealer got sent to prison :(

what do i do now

Otto responds:

Weirdly enough a kid I know who went to prison for dealing mandy came out just yesterday after 10 months!

One in, one out


2013-02-26 15:53:49

yeah, my guy is absolutely fucked though, his house got raided and they found a few kilos of coke and a few ounces of mandy, i think he's looking at something like 12 years? such a waste isn't it

(of drugs and time lol)

Otto responds:

Oooooooooh shit that's unfortunate indeed, that muthafucka's going down HARD. ;( Well, remember kids, only source new drugs that are verified by friends stupider than you! :D